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Absolutely love this dentist and the staff. The best dentist ive ever had. If you need a shot in the gums, he is patient, gentle, and almost no pain. Such a gentle touch. The world needs more doctors like this.


We love going to Dr Nordstrom's office - fantastic staff and Dr Nordstrom is a phenomenal dentist.

Kristin H

Dr. Nordstrom is amazing! I can't even thank him enough for all he's done for my kids. He's such a talented, warm, and lighthearted person, I literally love going to the dentist.

My first child had a cavity at 2yo and a Monterey dentist recommended a crown under general anesthesia. I almost lost it at the gall (now I realize this is pretty standard from standard dentists). I was able to save the tooth with diet and supplements.

My second child's teeth came in with patches of enamel missing. Even the holistic dentist we were seeing at the time recommended fillings under general anesthesia. Finding Dr. Nordstrom, who uses less drastic measures, was an answer to my prayers. They aren't taking any more patients, but made an exception. Dr. Nordstrom took so much time and patiently filled every tooth of my very uncooperative 2.5yo. He is so kind and takes time to build a rapport with the child. Instead of barging in the room, he quietly leans against the door frame and engages in a conversation with the child from a distance. He only approaches when the child has warmed up to him. He filled all teeth with my girl sitting on my lap and leaning back on his knees (instead of sitting on the scary big dentist chair). I feel so lucky he's within driving distance.

Elda T.

Are you afraid of dentists? Do you enjoy someone that takes time and remembers who you are as a patient? Dr. Nordstrom is for you. He has unfortunately had to do a few root canals, fillings, and other things for me. When it was discovered I was allergic to sugar free things that we discovered together (like the new ingredient in an anesthetic), he came in the day after Christmas to check on me. Seriously, he knows his stuff. Excellent with all of my children.

Susan M.

Now I've been driving from Monterey to Hollister for my dental visits every six months for about 3-4 years so I can share more. This is the first dental practice that ever convinced me to go along with the every-six-months cleaning schedule, and I'm so glad I'm doing it. My hygienist is sweet, gentle, and thorough, and I had an "aha" moment at my last cleaning a few weeks back when I realized that these teeth cleaning sessions are actually relaxing for me! How many people feel that way about a dental visit? The people at Dr. Nordstrom's make it a pleasant and comfortable experience.

When I see Dr. Nordstrom, he is kind, calm, and obviously well-informed. I trust him. He suggests the best option regardless of price, and is honest and forthright when the best option is cheaper than some other more expensive choices. His bedside manner is outstanding.

It's a little bit of a drag to drive this far to go to the dentist but I will continue to do it.


Dr. Nordstrom is truly the best dentist ever. My kids loved him and now my husband and I both go. He's very gentle and kind and works with each person in a sincere way. The office staff is great as well. Can't recommend it enough!

Julie R.

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